Call for Literature

The Medhanealem website editorial board is inviting literatures for consideration to disseminate them through our website. This section is an open forum to all EOTC intellectuals who wish to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the community and the world at-large. It should, however, be consistent with the teachings and beliefs of the church. Debre Genet Medhanealem encourages all of our fathers and leaders of the EOTC to participate in this forum. We invite you, the teachers and historians of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church, to submit literatures, historical artifacts, sermons and other relevant materials.

Guidelines for Submitting a Literature

· All literatures should reflect the teachings and beliefs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. The Editorial board and/or designated reviewers will review the content of the literature and clear them for posting.
· All literatures should be submitted in English and/or Amharic.
· All literatures should be in a format acceptable for posting on the web. We will provide you with the technical assistance, if needed.
· All submissions become the property of the author and Debre Genet Medhanealem church.
· All literatures should contain the name and full address of the Author. Unanimous authors are not accepted.