Ecclesiastical Objects


 It is Ethiopian made special instrument used for hymns and chants invented and produced by the well known Ethiopian hymnology scholar St. Yared in the 5th century. 



 Kebero is also Ethiopian made dram used for hymns during thanks giving and praising the Almighty. 



 Mekwamiya is a prayer stick that has a sheep horn shape on tope. It symbolizes the cross that Jesus Christ is crucified. It is used for the very spectacle liturgical movement during prayer after midnight on holy days. 


ZANTELA (Umbrellas) 

 The umbrella is used not as a sun or rain shade but as a mark of distinction. It symbolizes the grace of our Lord, as Mosses lead the Israelite by the help of clouds to the Promised Land. 


TSENA (Censer) 

 Tsena is used for burning incense. It symbolizes the Trinity and our blessed ever Virgin Mary that the flame (divine) Christ doweled on her womb. 



 Vestments, which the clergy wear to administer the sacraments of the Church, are clothing blessed with prayer, specially woven, and they are kept in a particular place befitting the spiritual service. Liturgical Vestments should be kept in a vestry of the Church in a clean condition. It is forbidden to wear them in other places for other purposes.